Mechanics of Materials – Beer & Johnston – 7th Edition


The main objective of a basic mechanics course should be to develop in the stu-dent the ability to analyze a given problem in a simple and manner and to apply to itssolution a few fundamental and well-understood principles. This text is designed for the firstcourse in mechanics of —or strength of materials—offered to engineering inthe sophomore or junior year. The authors hope that it will help instructors achieve this goalin that particular course in the same way that their other texts may have helped them in staticsand dynamics. To assist in this goal, the seventh edition has undergone a complete edit of thelanguage to make the book easier to read.

In this text the study of the mechanics of is based on the understanding of a few basicconcepts and on the use of simplified models. This approach makes it possible to develop allthe necessary in a rational and manner, and to indicate clearly the conditionsunder which they can be safely applied to the analysis and design of actual struc-tures and components.

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  • 1) Introduction-Concept of Stress
    2) Stress and Strain-Axial Loading
    3) Torsion
    4) Pure Bending
    5) Analysis and Design of Beams for Bending
    6) Shearing Stresses in Beams and Thin-Walled Members
    7) Transformations of Stress and Strain
    8) Principal Stresses Under a Given Loading
    9) Deflection of Beams
    10) Columns
    11) Energy Methods

    A - Moments of Areas
    B - Typical Properties of Selected Materials Used in Engineering
    C - Properties of Rolled-Steel Shapes
    D - Beam Defelctions and Slopes
    E - Fundamentals of Engineering Examination
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