Mechanics of Solids – Carl T. F. Ross – 1st Edition


This text of Carl T. F. Ross, is the primary recommendation of the UK Council Faculty of to all British universities as of approved standard and quality for use as a text for the Board’s own examinations. It introduces the and principle of statics and stress as the essential reading for first year students.

Worked examples from the authors experience reinforce comprehension of key concepts. Tutorial solutions with explanation in extended detail have been provided for students. Key elements include: use of -body diagrams to help problem solving; coverage of composite materials; torsion of circular and non-circular sections; and the -displacement method.

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  • Statics
    Stress and strain
    Geometrical properties of symmetrical sections
    Bending stresses in beams
    Beam deflections due to bending
    Complex stress and strain
    Membrane theory for thin-walled circular cylinders and spheres
    Energy methods
    Theories of elastic failure
    Thick cylinders and spheres
    Buckling of struts
    Unsymmetrical bending of beams
    Shear stresses in bending and shear deflections
    Matrix displacement method
    Experimental strain analysis
  • Citation

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Bae Mei
03/10/2015 11:00 am

Very good Recommend highly.

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