Mechatronics An Introduction – Robert H. Bishop – 1st Edition


According to the original definition of mechatronics that the Yasakawa Company proposed and the definitions that have since appeared, many engineering products designed and in the last thirty years that integrate and electrical can be classified as mechatronic systems.

Mechatronics has evolved into a way of life in engineering practice, and it pervades virtually every aspect of the modern world. In chapters drawn from the best-selling and now standard engineering reference, the Mechatronics Handbook, this book introduces the vibrant field of mechatronics and its key elements: physical modeling; sensors and actuators; signals and systems; computers and logic systems; and software and data acquisition.

These chapters, written by leading academics and practitioners, were carefully selected and organized to provide an accessible, general outline of the subject ideal for non-specialists. Clear explanations and nearly 200 illustrations help bring the subject to life.

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    • What is Mechatronics?

    • Robert H. Bishop and M. K. Ramasubramanian

    • Mechatronic Design Approach

    • Rolf Isermann

    • System Interfacing, Instrumentation, and Control Systems

    • Rick Homkes

    • Microprocessor-Based Controllers and Microelectronics

    • Ondrej Novak and Ivan Dolezal

    • An Introduction to Micro- and Nanotechnology

    • Michael Goldfarb, Alvin Strauss, and Eric J. Barth

    • Modeling Electromechanical Systems

    • Francis C. Moon

    • Modeling and Simulation for MEMS

    • Carla Purdy

    • The Physical Basis of Analogies in Physical System Models

    • Neville Hogan and Peter C. Breedveld

    • Introduction to Sensors and Actuators

    • M. Anjanappa, K. Datta, and T. Song

    • Fundamentals of Time and Frequency

    • Michael A. Lombardi

    • Sensor and Actuator Characteristics

    • Joey Parker

    • The Role of Controls in Mechatronics

    • Job van Amerongen

    • The Role of Modeling in Mechatronics Design

    • Jeffrey A. Jalkio

    • Design Optimization of Mechatronic Systems

    • Tomas Brezina, Ctirad Kratochvil, and Cestmir Ondrusek

    • Introduction to Computers and Logic Systems

    • Kevin Craig and Fred Stol?

    • System Interfaces

    • M.J. Tordon and J. Katupitiya

    • Communications and Computer Networks

    • Mohammad Ilyas

    • Control with Embedded Computers and Programmable Logic Controllers

    • Hugh Jack and Andrew Sterian

    • Introduction to Data Acquisition

    • Jace Curtis

    • Computer-Based Instrumentation Systems

    • Kris Fuller

    • Software Design and Development

    • Margaret H. Hamilton

    • Index

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