Microbiology Flash Cards – Lippincott’s Microcards – 3rd Edition


This best-selling platform is now more updated and better performing than ever. Each card presents a microorganism on the front and details its clinical presentation; pathogenesis; diagnosis and treatment on the reverse. Full-color clinical photos; schemes and allow you to test yourself; identify pathogens; classify organisms and prepare for end-of- exams and the USMLE.

Use study time effectively with this deck of cards!

  • Full-color microphotographs and schemes represent the morphology of pathogens; structural characteristics and clinical findings.
  • The recovery format keeps your review alive and fast; maximizing the study time.
  • The on each card classify organisms for easy memorization.
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    Pathogenesis Icon Guide
    Mechanisms of Major Bacterial Exotoxins
    Nervous System Infections
    CSF Profiles in Meningitis
    Cardiovascular System Infections
    Respiratory System Infections
    Gastrointestinal System Infections
    Gastrointestinal System Infections
    Urinary Tract Infections
    Genital System Infections
    Genital System Infections
    SkinMuscleBone Infections
    SkinMuscleBone Infections
    Hepatitis Virus Infections
    Hepatitis Virus Infections
    HIV and AIDS
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