Microelectronic Circuit Design – Richard C. Jaeger, Travis N. Blalock – 4th Edition


Richard Jaeger and Travis Blalock present a balanced coverage of analog and digital circuits; students will develop a comprehensive understanding of the basic techniques of modern design, analog and digital, discrete and integrated.

A broad spectrum of topics are included in which gives the professor the option to easily select and customize the material to satisfy a two-semester or three-quarter sequence in electronics. Jaeger/Blalock emphasizes through the use of design examples and design notes.

Excellent pedagogical elements include chapter opening vignettes, chapter objectives, Electronics in Action boxes, a problem-solving methodology, and “ Note boxes.

The use of the well-defined problem-solving methodology presented in this text can significantly enhance an engineer’s ability to understand the issues related to design. The examples assist in and understanding the process.

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  • Part I Solid-State Devices and Circuits
    1 Introduction to Electronics
    2 Solid-State Electronics
    3 Solid-State Diodes and Diode Circuits
    4 Field-Effect Transistors
    5 Bipolar Junction Transistors

    Part II Digital Circuit Design
    6 Introduction to Digital Electronics and NMOS Design
    7 CMOS Logic Design
    8 Memory and Advanced Logic Circuits
    9 Bipolar Logic Circuits

    Part III Analog Circuit Design
    10 Analog Systems
    11 Operational Amplifiers
    12 Small-Signal Modeling and Linear Amplification
    13 Single-Transistor Amplifiers
    15 Multistage Amplifiers
    16 Analog Integrated Circuits
    17 Frequency Response
    18 Feedback, Stability, and Oscillators

    Appendix A Integrated Circuit Fabrication
    Appendix B Solid-State Device Models and SPICE Simulation Parameters
    Appendix C Standard Discrete Component Values
    Appendix D Data Sheets
    Appendix E Physical Constants and Conversion Factors
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