Microelectronic Circuits – Sedra & Smith – 5th Edition


Manual of the last edition of this excellent book, all the solutions are correct with very detailed step-by-step calculations and with the circuits.

In this new edition, this book continues its standard of excellence and innovation built into the solid pedagogical foundation that instructors expect from Adel Sedra and C. Smith. Making this the most current available for teaching tomorrow how to analyze and design circuits.

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  • Chapter 1: Introduction to electronics
    Part One: Devices and Basic Circuits

    Chapter 2: Operational Amplifiers
    Chapter 3: Diodes
    Chapter 4: Bipolar Union Transistors (BJT)
    Chapter 5: Field Effect Transistors (FET)
    Part Two: Analogue Circuits

    Chapter 6: Differential and multi-stage amplifiers
    Chapter 7: Frequency Response
    Chapter 8: Feedback
    Chapter 9: Output stages and power amplifiers
    Chapter 10: Analog ICs
    Chapter 11: Filters and tuned amplifiers
    Chapter 12: Signal generators and waveform circuits
    Part Three: Digital Circuits

    Chapter 13: MOS Circuits
    Chapter 14: Bipolar and advanced technology digital circuits

    VLSI Manufacturing Technology
    Two-port network settings
    An introduction to Spice
    Input files for SPICE examples
    Some Useful Network Theorems
    Circuits of a time constant
    Determining Hybrid Model Parameter Values ​​
    Standard values ​​of resistance and unit prefixes
    Respond to selected issues
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