Microelectronics Circuit Analysis and Design – Donald A. Neamen – 4th Edition


Microelectronics: Circuit and Design by Donald Neamen. Now in its fourth edition, the text builds upon its strong pedagogy and tools for assessment with key updates as well as revisions that allow for flexible coverage of op-amps.

The fourth edition continues to provide a foundation for analyzing and designing both analog and digital circuits. The goal has always been to make this very readable and friendly.

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Table of Contents

Prologue I: Prologue to Electronics
Part I: Semiconductor Devices and Basic Applications
Chapter 1: Semiconductor Materials and Diodes
Chapter 2: Diode Circuits
Chapter 3: The Field-Effect Transistor
Chapter 4: Basic FET Amplifiers
Chapter 5: The Bipolar Junction Transistor
Chapter 6: Basic BJT Amplifiers
Chapter 7: Frequency Response
Chapter 8: Output Stages and Power Amplifiers

Prologue II: Prologue to Electronic Design
Part II: Analog Electronics
Chapter 9: Ideal Operational Amplifiers and Op-Amp Circuits
Chapter 10: Integrated Circuit Biasing and Active Loads
Chapter 11: Differential and Multistage Amplifiers
Chapter 12: Feedback and Stability
Chapter 13: Operational Amplifier Circuits
Chapter 14: Nonideal Effects in Operational Amplifier Circuits
Chapter 15: Applications and Design of Integrated Circuits

Prologue III: Prologue to Digital Electronics
Part III: Digital Electronics
Chapter 16: MOSFET Digital Circuits
Chapter 17: Bipolar Digital Circuits

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