Microsoft® SQL™: Server 2000 Bible – Paul Nielsen – 1st Edition


The is divided into 6 parts: Preparing to Develop with SQL Server; Building and Managing Databases with SQL Server; Managing Data with SQL Server; Implementing Business Rules with SQL Server; Monitoring and Performance Tuning with SQL Server; and Advanced Data and Analysis with SQL Server. Comprehensive coverage: This Bible covers both beginning and advanced topics. Topics covered include: installing and configuring SQL Server; using SQL server’s development tools; securing databases; retrieving data; transactions; working with XML; understanding transact SQL language extensions; developing stored procedures; tuning queries and indexes; and developing for English query. Sample database applications: The book builds on sample database applications to demonstrate topics/concepts. Sidebars: So as readers can focus on practical information; the author is using sidebars throughout to explain the best practices associated with the product and highlight material. ABOUT THE CD-ROM The CD-ROM contains the sample database applications and code examples in the book; SQL Server utilities; and links to sites; including the author’s own SQL Server Web site (

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Table of Contents

Preface. Acknowledgments.

Part I: Laying the Foundation.
Chapter 1: Introducing SQL Server.
Chapter 2: Modeling the Logical Database Schema.
Chapter 3: Installing and Configuring SQL Server.
Chapter 4: Using SQL Servers Developer Tools.

Part II: Developing SQL Server Databases.
Chapter 5: Implementing the Physical Database Schema.
Chapter 6: Retrieving Data with Select.
Chapter 7: Merging Data Using Relational Algebra.
Chapter 8: Searching Full-Text Indexes.
Chapter 9: Creating Views.
Chapter 10: Modifying Data.
Chapter 11: Transactional Integrity.
Chapter 12: Programming with Transact-SQL.
Chapter 13: Developing Stored Procedures.
Chapter 14: Building User-Defined Functions.
Chapter 15: Implementing Triggers.
Chapter 16: Advanced Server-Side Programming.

Part III: Data Connectivity.
Chapter 17: Transferring Databases.
Chapter 18: Working with Distributed Queries.
Chapter 19: Migrating Data with DTS.
Chapter 20: Replicating Databases.
Chapter 21: ADO and ADO.NET.
Chapter 22: XML and Web Publishing.

Part IV: Administering SQL Server.
Chapter 23: Configuring SQL Server.
Chapter 24: Maintaining the Database.
Chapter 25: Automating Database Maintenance with SQL Server Agent.
Chapter 26: Recovery Planning.
Chapter 27: Securing Databases.

Part V: Advanced Issues.
Chapter 28: Advanced Performance.
Chapter 29: Advanced Availability.
Chapter 30: Advanced Scalability.
Chapter 31: Analysis Services.
Chapter 32: Advanced Portability.

Appendix A: Resources.
Appendix B: Sample Databases.
Appendix C: SQL Server 2000 Specifications.
Appendix D: Whats on the CD? Index. End-User License Agreement.

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