Microwave Engineering – David M. Pozar – 4th Edition


’s new edition of includes more material on active circuits, , nonlinear effects, and wireless systems. Chapters on noise and nonlinear distortion, and active devices have been added along with the coverage of noise and more material on intermodulation distortion and related nonlinear effects. On active devices, there’s more updated material on bipolar junction and field effect transistors.

New and updated material on wireless , including link budget, link margin, digital modulation methods, and bit error rates is also part of the new edition. Other new material includes a section on transients on transmission lines, the theory of power , a discussion of higher order modes and effects for microstrip line, and a discussion of how to determine unloaded.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Electromagnetic Theory
Chapter 2: Transmission line theory
Chapter 3: Transmission line waveguides
Chapter 4: Microwave network analysis
Chapter 5: Impedance matching and tunning
Chapter 6: Microwave resonators
Chapter 7: Power dividers and directional couplers
Chapter 8: Microwave filters
Chapter 9: Theory and desing of ferrimagnetic components
Chapter 10: Noise and nonlinear distortion
Chapter 11: Active RF and microwave devices
Chapter 12: Microwave amplifier design
Chapter 13: Oscillators and mixers
Chapter 14: Introduction to microwave systems
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