Modern Control Engineering – Katsuhiko Ogata – 4th Edition


This book presents a complete treatment of the of . Written for an advanced level of engineering (mechanical, electrical, aerospace and chemistry) is aimed at who take the of control systems and have a basic of equations, matrix , circuit and mechanics.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to control systems.
Chapter 2: The Laplace Transform.
Chapter 3: Mathematical model of linear systems.
Chapter 4: Analysis of the transient response.
Chapter 5: Basic Control Actions and Responses to Control Systems.
Chapter 6: Analysis of the locus of roots.
Chapter 7: Design of control systems using the root locus method.
Chapter 8: Analysis of frequency response.
Chapter 9: Design of Control Systems by Frequency Response.
Chapter 10: PID Controls and Introduction to Robust Control.
Chapter 11: Analysis of control systems in the space of states.
Chapter 12: Design of control systems in the space of states.
Chapter 13: Liapunov stability analysis and optimal quadratic control.
Appendix 1: Introduction.
Appendix 2: Graphing response curves.
Appendix 3: Matrix Function Calculation.
Appendix 4: Mathematical models of linear systems.
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