Modern Digital And Analog Communications Systems – B. P. Lathi – 3rd Edition


This text presents the basic and intermediate level treatment of modern digital and analog communication systems. The basics of are introduced first, without using probabilistic concepts with the intention that, with this solid base, students will be ready to master probabilistic concepts introduced in later chapters.

An effort is made to give an intuitive insight – rather than just proofs – as well as explanations of theoretical results, wherever possible. The explanations and examples clarify abstract mathematical results, and illustrations are also included.

Ideal for the first communication systems for electrical engineers, Modern Digital and Analog offers students a superb pedagogical style; it consistently does an excellent job of explaining difficult concepts clearly, using prose as well as mathematics. The author makes every effort to give intuitive insights–rather than just proofs–as well as explanations of theoretical results wherever possible. Featuring lucid explanations, well-chosen examples clarifying abstract mathematical results, and excellent illustrations, this unique text is highly informative and easily accessible to students.

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Table of Contents

1. Analysis and Transmission of Signals
2. Digital Communication Systems
3. Modulation
4. Probability Theory and Random Processes
5. Behavior of Communication Systems in the Presence of Noise
6. Optimum Signal Detection
7. An Introduction to Information Theory
8. Error Correcting Codes

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