Modern Physics – Paul A. Tipler, Ralph Llewellyn – 6th Edition


Tipler and Llewellyn’s acclaimed text guides through the and wide ranging applications of modern physics with the utmost clarity, without sacrificing integrity. With more end-of-chapter than any other modern physics text, and a focus on real data and quotations from original papers, this helps turn into scientists.

The sixth edition has been thoroughly updated with new discoveries and developments in Physics. Recognizing the increasing emphasis of concepts from physics in biology and medicine, applications in those areas are included in new and revised examples. In conjunction with an updated companion website, and fantastically clear art-work, the updates to this continue to make it an essential undergraduate text.

A number of new “Application Notes” have been added to the sixth edition. These brief notes in the margins of many pages point to a few of the many benefits to society that have been made possible by a discovery or development in modern physics.

Also new in the sixth edition are the “For You” text boxes. These text boxes highlight current and future research and development activity toward which today’s may consider directing their own career interests.

Worked-out examples are included in every chapter, and more than two dozen “Exploring” sections deal with text-related topics that captivate interest, such as superluminal speed and giant atoms.

The text’s flexible accommodates both one- and two-term courses and allows instructors to vary the applications covered from term to term.

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  • Relativity Relativity II Quantization of Charge, Light, and Energy The Nuclear Atom The Wavelike Properties of Particles The Schrodinger Equation Atomic Physics Statistical Physics Molecular Structure and Spectra Solid State Physics Nuclear Physics Particle Physics Astrophysics and Cosmology.
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