Modern Physics – Stephen T. Thornton, Andrew Rex – 3rd Edition


In addition to featuring the latest discoveries, presents a contemporary and comprehensive approach to physics with a strong emphasis on .

The authors discuss the that led to key discoveries in order to illustrate the process behind scientific advances and to give students a historical perspective.

The text features a flexible that allows instructors to select and teach topics in a preferred sequence without compromising the ’s learning experience. A sound theoretical foundation in theory is included to help physics majors succeed in their upper division courses.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Birth of Modern Physics
Chapter 2: Special Theory of Relativity
Chapter 3: The Experimental Basis of Quantum Theory
Chapter 4: Structure of the Atom
Chapter 5: Wave Properties of Matter and Quantum Mechanics I
Chapter 6: Quantum Mechanics II
Chapter 7: The Hydrogen Atom
Chapter 8: Atomic Physics
Chapter 9: Statistical Physics
Chapter 10: Molecules and Solids
Chapter 11: Semiconductor Theory and Devices
Chapter 12: The Atomic Nucleus
Chapter 13: Nuclear Interactions and Applications
Chapter 14: Elementary Particles
Chapter 15: General Relativity
Chapter 16: Cosmology -- The Beginning and the End

Appendix 1: Fundamental Constants
Appendix 2: Conversion Factors
Appendix 3: Mathematical Relations
Appendix 4: Periodic Table of the Elements
Appendix 5: Mean Values and Distributions
Appendix 6: Probability Integrals
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