Multivariable Calculus – Dan Clegg, Barbara Frank – 5th Edition


With , fifth edition, Stewart conveys not only the utility of calculation to help develop technical competence, but also gives an appreciation for the intrinsic beauty of the subject. Your patient examples and built in aids help you build your math confidence and achieve your goals in the !

The material of this work has been reorganized in this edition so that teachers can teach the emphasis on , meticulous accuracy, patients who can not write and the concepts of this text.
The work has a clear and selective presentation. Stewart leads the through crucial material in a simple, correct and analytical way.

Table of Contents

11. Parametric equations and polar coordinates
12. Infinite sequences and series
13. Vectores and the geometry of space
14. Vector functions
15. Partial derivatives
16. Multiple integrals
17. Vector calculus
18. Second-order differential equations
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