Multivariable Calculus – Ron Larson, Bruce H. Edwards – 9th Edition


Designed for students of mathematics, and engineering, it offers in its 6 second volume chapters (Conics, Parametric Equations and , Vectors and Space Geometry, Vector Functions, Functions of Multiple Variables, Multiple and Vector ) new and innovative techniques and didactic resources for students and .
In this book, the author has been guided by two objectives: to develop a precise and easily understood text for the students, which clearly defines and demonstrates the rules of calculation; and design teaching resources for the teacher that integrate proven pedagogical techniques, which are an invaluable help.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 10 Conics, parametric equations, and polar coordinates
Chapter 11Vector and Space Geometry
Chapter 12 Vector Functions
Chapter 13Functions of Various Variables
Chapter 14 MultipleIntegration
Chapter 15 Vector analysis

Appendix AD Demonstration of Selected Theorems
Appendix BTablas of integration
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