MySQL™ Bible – Steve Suehring – 1st Edition


The is divided into five parts: Getting Starated with and Relational Databases; Understanding SQL Through MySQL; MySQL Administration; MySQL Developer Guide; and Advanced and Specialized MySQL Topics. This Bible covers both beginning-level and advanced topics. Topics covered include: introduction to relational management; installing and configuring on the Linux; Windows 2000; and Mac OS X operating systems; MySQL security; debugging and repairing MySQL databases and servers; MySQL performance tuning; and developing MySQL applications with Perl and PHP. Due to the growing popularity of the NuSphere MySQL package; this book covers its enhancements and how to install and develop with NuSphere MySQL. This book builds an e-commerce sample database application throughout to demonstrate concepts and topics. The CD-ROM includes the latest version of MySQL (either Version 4.0 or 4.1); sample database application and code in the book; and PHP and Perl.

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Table of Contents

Preface. Acknowledgments.

PART 1: Getting Started.
Chapter 1: Relational Database Management.
Chapter 2: Preparing for Installation
Chapter 3: Linux Installation.
Chapter 4: Windows Installation.
Chapter 5: Macintosh Installation.
Chapter 6: Starting MySQL.
Chapter 7: Database Concepts and Design.

PART II: SQL Essentials.
Chapter 8: Command Line Interface (CLI).
Chapter 9: SQL According to MySQL.
Chapter 10: Database and Data.

PART III: Administration.
Chapter 11: Server Configurations.
Chapter 12: Security.
Chapter 13: Debugging and Repairing Databases.
Chapter 14: Performance Tuning.

PART IV: Development.
Chapter 15: Perl Development.
Chapter 16: PHP Development.
Chapter 17: ODBC/JDBC.

PART V: Advanced Performance.
Chapter 18: Replication.
Chapter 19: Integration of Internet Services.
Chapter 20: NuSphere Enhanced MySQL.

PART VI: Appendixes.
Appendix A: Application Reference.
Appendix B: Language Reference.
Appendix C: Function and Operator Reference.
Appendix D: Datatype Reference.
Appendix E: Glossary.
Appendix F: About the CD-ROM.

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