Nanotechnology for Chemical Engineers – Said Salaheldeen, Firoozeh Danafar, Hassan Hashemipour – 1st Edition


“Nanotechnology for Chemical Engineers” is a revolutionary book describing the of transforming nanotechnology into nanoengineering with a particular focus on chemical fundamentals.

This book aims to provide vital information about differences between descriptive technology and quantitative for students as well as working professionals in various fields of nanotechnology. Besides principles, the fundamentals of nanotechnology is also covered along with detailed explanation of several specific nanoscale processes from chemical engineering point of view. This information is presented as practical examples and case studies that help the engineers and researchers to integrate the processes which can meet the commercial production.

It is worth mentioning here that the main challenge in production of nanostructure and nanodevices is nowadays related to the point of view. The uniqueness of this book is a balance between important insight into the synthetic of nanostructures and their with chemical rules that educates the readers about process design, simulation, modeling, and optimization.

Briefly, the book takes the readers through a journey from fundamentals to frontiers of of processes involved in production of nanostructures and those products comprising one or more nanostructures and informs them about industrial perspective research challenges, opportunities, and synergism in and nanotechnology. Utilizing this information the readers can make informed decisions on their career and business.

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  • 1 Chemical Engineering from Technology to Engineering .
    2 From Nanotechnology to Nanoengineering
    3 Learning Synergism in Nanotechnology and Chemical Engineering by Case Study .
    4 Conclusions and Outlook .
    About the Authors
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