Network Security Essentials – William Stallings – 4th Edition


Wiliiam Stallings’ Network : and Standards, 4ed is a practical survey of network security applications and standards, with unmatched support for instructors and .

In this age of universal electronic connectivity, viruses and hackers, electronic eavesdropping, and electronic fraud, security is paramount. Network Security: Applications and Standards, 4ed provides a practical survey of network security applications and standards, with an emphasis on applications that are widely used on the and for corporate networks. An unparalleled support package for instructors and students ensures a successful teaching and experience.

Adapted from and Network Security, Fifth Edition, this text covers the same topics but with a much more concise treatment of cryptography. Network Security, 4ed also covers SNMP security, which is not covered in the fifth edition.

Highlights include: expanded coverage of pseudorandom number generation; new coverage of federated identity, HTTPS, Secure Shell (SSH) and wireless network security; completely rewritten and updated coverage of IPsec; and a new chapter on legal and ethical issues.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Symmetric Encryption and Message Confidentiality
Chapter 3 Public-Key Cryptography and Message Authentication
Chapter 4 Key Distribution and User Authentication
Chapter 5 Transport-Level Security
Chapter 6 Wireless Network Security
Chapter 7 Electronic Mail Security
Chapter 8 IP Security
Chapter 9 Intruders
Chapter 10 Malicious Software
Chapter 11 Firewalls

APPENDICES Appendix A Some Aspects of Number Theory
Appendix B Projects for Teaching Network Security

CHAPTERS Chapter 12 Network Management Security
Chapter 13 Legal and Ethical Issues

APPENDICES Appendix C Standards and Standards-Setting Organizations
Appendix D TCP/IP and OSI
Appendix E Pseudorandom Number Generation
Appendix F Kerberos Encryption Techniques
Appendix G Data Compression Using ZIP
Appendix H PGP Random Number Generation
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