Neural Networks: A Comprehensive Foundation – Simon Haykin – 2nd Edition


For graduate-level neural network courses offered in the departments of Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science.
Renowned for its thoroughness and readability, this well-organized and completely up-to-date text remains the most comprehensive treatment of neural networks from an engineering perspective. Thoroughly revised.

Considers recurrent networks, such as Hopfield networks, Boltzmann machines, and meanfield theory machines, as well as modular networks, temporal processing, and neurodynamics.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.
2. Learning Processes.
3. Single-Layer Perceptrons.
4. Multilayer Perceptrons.
5. Radial-Basis Function Networks.
6. Support Vector Machines.
7. Committee Machines.
8. Principal Components Analysis.
9. Self-Organizing Maps.
10. Information-Theoretic Models.
11. Stochastic Machines & Their Approximates Rooted in Statistical Mechanics.
12. Neurodynamic Programming.
13. Temporal Processing Using Feedforward Networks.
14. Neurodynamics.
15. Dynamically Driven Recurrent Networks.

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