Noise and Vibration Analysis – Anders Brandt – 1st Edition


and is a complete and practical guide that combines both and modal analysis theory with their practical application in and vibration analysis. It provides an invaluable, integrated guide for practicing as well as a suitable introduction for new to the topic of and vibration. Taking a practical learning approach, Brandt includes exercises that allow the content to be developed in an academic course framework or as supplementary material for private and further study.

  • Addresses the theory and application of signal analysis procedures as they are applied in modern instruments and software for and
  • Features numerous line diagrams and illustrations
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Table of Contents

1 Introduction.
2 Dynamic Signals and Systems.
3 Time Data Analysis.
4 Statistics and Random Processes.
5 Fundamental Mechanics.
6 Modal Analysis Theory.
7 Transducers for Noise and Vibration Analysis.
8 Frequency Analysis Theory.
9 Experimental Frequency Analysis.
10 Spectrum and Correlation Estimates Using the DFT.
11 Measurement and Analysis Systems.
12 Rotating Machinery Analysis.
13 Single-input Frequency Response Measurements.
14 Multiple-input Frequency Response Measurement.
15 Orthogonalization of Signals.
16 Advanced Analysis Methods.

Appendix A Complex Numbers.
Appendix B Logarithmic Diagrams.
Appendix C Decibels.
Appendix D Some Elementary Matrix Algebra.
Appendix E Eigenvalues and the SVD.
Appendix F Organizations and Resources.

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