Noninvasive Instrumentation and Measurement in Medical Diagnosis – Robert B. Northrop – 1st Edition


The non-invasive medical diagnosis (NIMD) is as old as the medical itself. From the first observations of healers on smells, skin color and sounds of respiration to the richness of today’s technologies, the basic concepts remain the same and maintain the role of the NIMD essential for medical care effective.

Non-invasive instrumentation and in medical diagnosis is the first book dedicated to NIMD tools and techniques. With emerging technologies along with traditional instruments, he describes how these tools and non-invasive techniques work and explores developments that will make the NIMD simpler, more reliable, less expensive and -free. Much of the material is descriptive, but the author includes a rigorous when appropriate. The treatment is easily accessible for readers with backgrounds in basic and ordinary differential equations, basic circuit theory and concepts such as frequency response and transient response of linear systems.

The rapid evolution of biomedical instrumentation has made that are only five years old outdated. Whether it is used for a higher level biomedical class or as a reference for medical students, health professionals, physicists or physiologists, non-invasive instrumentation and in medical diagnosis stands out for presenting the state of the art and the of NIMD.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to non-invasive measurements
 Chapter 2 Visual inspection of tissues using endoscopes and other optical devices
 Chapter 3 Non-invasive diagnosis using sounds from within the body
 Chapter 4 Measurement of electrical potentials and magnetic fields from the surface of the body
Chapter 5 Non-invasive measurement of blood pressure
Chapter 6 Body temperature measurements
 Chapter 7 Non-invasive detection of blood gases with electrodes
 Chapter 8 Tests on naturally empty body fluids
 Chapter 12 Ocular Tonometry
Chapter 13 NI tests involving the input of audible sound energy
 Chapter 14 NI tests using ultrasound excluding images
Chapter 15 Non-invasive applications of photon radiation without images
 Chapter 16 A survey of medical imaging systems
Chapter 17 Future trends in NI instrumentation and measures

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