Numerical Methods – Burden & Faires – 3rd Edition


This well-respected text gives an introduction to the modern techniques and explains how; why; and when the techniques can be expected to work. The authors focus on building students’ intuition to help them understand why the techniques presented work in general; and why; in some situations; they fail.

With a wealth of examples and exercises; the text demonstrates the relevance of numerical to a variety of disciplines and provides ample for students. The chosen demonstrate concisely how numerical methods can be; and often must be; applied in real-life situations. In this edition; the presentation has been fine-tuned to make the even more useful to the instructor and more interesting to the reader.

Overall; gain a theoretical understanding of; and a firm basis for future study of; numerical and scientific computing. A more applied text with a different menu of topics is the authors’ highly regarded NUMERICAL METHODS; Third Edition.

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Table of Contents

Mathematical Preliminaries and Error Analysis
Solutions of Equations in One Variable
Interpolation and Polynomial Approximation
Numerical Differentiation and Integration
InitialValue Problems for Ordinary Differential Equations
Direct Methods for Solving Linear Systems
Iterative Techniques in Matrix Algebra
Approximation Theory
Approximating Eigenvalues
Numerical Solutions of Nonlinear Systems of Equations
BoundaryValue Problems for Ordinary Differential Equations
Numerical Solutions to Partial Differential Equations
Answers for Selected Exercises

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