Operational Mathematics – Ruel V. Churchill – 3rd Edition


This third revised and expanded edition is a and a on the theory and applications of integral transformations that are most useful for solving in . It presents a careful review of the theory and applications of ; chapters on finite and Fourier transforms; Fourier transforms in the midline; Hankel; Legendre and other integral transformations; and previously unpublished material on general integral transformations .

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Table of Contents

1. The Laplace transformation
2. Further properties of the transformation
3. Elementary applications
4. Problems in partial differential equations
5. Functions of a complex variable
6. The inversion integral
7. Problems in heat conduction
8. Problems in mechanical vibrations
9. Generalized Fourier series
10. General integral transforms
11. Finite Fourier transforms
12. Exponential Fourier transforms
13. Fourier transforms on the half line
14. Hankel transforms
15. Legendre and other integral transforms.
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