Operations and Supply Management: The Core – R. Jacobs, R. Chase – 2nd Edition


Jacobs and Chase continue to lead the field of with cutting edge up-to-date content, technology, and motivation. Now, in this Second Edition Jacobs and Chase focus on the core concepts of operations and management. This condensed text was constructed with sections on the four essential core areas—strategy, process management, supply chain management, and inventory and control (supply and demand planning).

This set of four core areas was first suggested by a panel of OM instructor’s at the Decision Science Institute meeting, and has been verified by market research which examined course syllabi from across the US. The Second Edition provides increased emphasis on concepts, integrates sustainability as a strategic consideration, and includes updated company applications, problems, and cases.

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Table of Contents

Strategy and Sustainability
Chapter 1: Operations and Supply Chain Management
Chapter 2: Strategy and Sustainability

Manufacturing and Service Processes
Chapter 3: Strategic Capacity Management
Chapter 4: Production Processes
Chapter 5: Service Processes
Chapter 6: Quality Management and Six-sigma
Chapter 7: Projects

Supply Chain Processes
Chapter 8: Global Sourcing and Procurement
Chapter 9: Location, Logistics and Distribution
Chapter 10: Lean and Sustainable Supply Chains

Supply and Demand Planning
Chapter 11: Demand Management and Forecasting
Chapter 12: Aggregate Operations Planning
Chapter 13: Inventory Control
Chapter 14: Material Requirements Planning

A. Linear Programming Using the Excel Solver
B. Learning Curves
C. Answers to Selected Problems
D. Present Value Table
E. Negative Exponential Distribution
F. Areas of the Cumulative Standard Normal Distribution

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