Optical Fiber Communications – John M. Senior – 3rd Edition


This highly successful book, now in its third edition, has been extensively updated to include both new developments and improvements to and their utilization within the optical fiber global network.

The third edition, which contains an additional chapter and many new sections, is now structured into 15 chapters to facilitate a progression of the material, to enable both straightforward access to topics and provide an appropriate background and theoretical support.

This new edition remains an extremely comprehensive introductory text with a practical orientation for undergraduate and postgraduate and scientists. It provides excellent coverage of all aspects of the and encompasses the new developments in the field. Hence it continues to be of substantial benefit and assistance for practising engineers, technologists and scientists who need access to a wide-ranging and up-to-date reference to this continually expanding field.

Professor John Senior is Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research and Dean of the Faculty of and Information Sciences at the of Hertfordshire, UK. This third edition of the book draws on his extensive experience of both teaching and research in this area.

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Table of Contents

Glossary of symbols and abbreviations

1. Introduction
2. Optical fiber waveguides
3. Transmission characteristics of optical fibers
4. Optical fibers and cables
5. Optical fiber connection: joints and couplers
6. Optical sources 1: the laser
7. Optical sources 2: the light emitting diode
8. Optical detectors
9. Direct detection receiver performance considerations
10. Optical amplification and integrated optics
11. Integrated Optics and Photonics
12. Optical fiber systems 1: intensity modulation/direct detection
13. Optical Fiber Systems 2: coherent and phase modulated
14. Optical fiber measurements
15. Optical Networks

Appendix A The field relations in a planar guide
Appendix B Gaussian pulse response
Appendix C Variance of a random variable
Appendix D Variance of the sum of independent random variables
Appendix E Closed loop transfer function for the transimpedance amplifier



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