Physical Chemistry – David W. Ball – 1st Edition


Intended for the year long, -based chemistry course for and majors, CHEMISTRY follows a traditional organization while concentrating on core topics. The text does not cover some higher level topics-for example, photochemistry, molecular beams, thermal physics, and polymers- found in some textbooks, and rarely covered in the undergraduate physical chemistry course, but more fully explains the essential elements of the discipline.

Written by a dedicated chemical educator and researcher, this text is intended for those who are trying to learn chemistry-a book that works as a textbook and not as an encyclopedia. Where appropriate, there is some focus on mathematical manipulations, providing with a review of applications as applied to chemistry.

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  • 1. Gases and the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics.
    2. The First Law of Thermodynamics.
    3. The Second and Third Laws of Thermodynamics.
    4. Free Energy and Chemical Potential.
    5. Introduction to Chemical Equilibrium.
    6. Equilibria in Single-Component Systems.
    7. Equilibria in Multiple-Component Systems.
    8. Electrochemistry and Ionic Solutions.
    9. Pre-Quantum Mechanics.
    10. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics.
    11. Quantum Mechanics: Model Systems and the Hydrogen Atom.
    12. Atoms and Molecules.
    13. Introduction to Symmetry in Quantum Mechanics.
    14. Rotational and Vibrational Spectroscopy.
    15. Introduction to Electronic Spectroscopy and Structure.
    16. Introduction to Magnetic Spectroscopy.
    17. Statistical Thermodynamics: Introduction.
    18. More Statistical Thermodynamics.
    19. The Kinetic Theory of Gases.
    20. Kinetics.
    21. The Solid State: Crystals.
    22. Surfaces.
    Answers to Selected Exercises.
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Sir please how I can download the solution of this book

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Good book

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