Physical Chemistry – Robert J. Silbey – 4th Edition


Ever since was first published in 1913 (then titled Outlines of Theoretical Chemistry, by Frederick Getman), it has remained a highly effective and relevant learning tool thanks to the efforts of physical chemists from all over the world. Each new edition has benefited from their suggestions and expert advice. The result of this remarkable tradition is now in your hands.

Now revised and updated, this Fourth Edition of Physical Chemistry by Silbey, Alberty, and Bawendi continues to present exceptionally clear explanations of concepts and .

The basic theory of chemistry is presented from the viewpoint of academic physical chemists, but detailed discussions of practical applications are integrated throughout. The problems in the also skillfully blend theory and applications.

Highlights of the Fourth Edition:

  • A total of 170 problems appropriate for MATHEMATICATM, MATHCADTM, MATLABTM, or MAPLETM.
  • Increased emphasis on the and kinetics of biochemical reactions, including the denaturation of and nucleic acids.
  • Expanded coverage of the uses of statistical , nuclear magnetic relaxation, nanoscience, and oscillating chemical reactions.
  • Many new tables and figures throughout the text.
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Table of Contents

1. Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and Equations of State.
2. First Law of Thermodynamics.
3. Second and Third Laws of Thermodynamics.
4. Fundamental Equations of Thermodynamics.
5. Chemical Equilibrium.
6. Phase Equilibrium.
7. Electrochemical Equilibrium.
8. Thermodynamics of Biochemical Reactions.

9. Quantum Theory.
10. Atomic Structure.
11. Molecular Electronic Structure.
12. Symmetry.
13. Rotational and Vibrational Spectroscopy.
14. Electronic Spectroscopy of Molecules.
15. Magnetic Resonan ce Spectroscopy.
16. Statistical Mechanics.

17. Kinetic Theory of Gases.
18. Experimental Kinetics and Gas Reactions.
19. Chemical Dynamics and Photochemisty.
20. Kinetics in the Liquid Phase.

21. Macromolecules.
22. Electric and Magnetic Properties of Molecules.
23. Solid State Chemistry.
24. Surface Dynamics.

Appendix A: Physical Quantuties and Units.
Appendix B: Values of Physical Constants.
Appendix C: Tables of Physical Chemical Data.
Appendix D: Mathematical Relations.
Appendix E: Greek Alphabet.
Appendix F: Useful Information on the Web.
Appendix G: Symbols for Physical Quantities and Their SI Units.
Appendix H: Answers to the First Set of Problems.
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Ahsan Ali
August 28, 2015 1:09 pm

Awesome book! I literally went from a 62.5 and 65 on my first two exams to a 102 and 95 on my last two exams and a 98 on my cumulative final.

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