Physics – John D. Cutnell, Kenneth W. Johnson – 9th Edition


Cutnell and Johnson has been the #1 text in the -based market for almost 20 years. 9e continues that tradition by providing superior support need to facilitate a deeper level of conceptual understanding, improve their reasoning skills and see the relevance of to their lives and future careers.

Research studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between time on task and gains. PHYSICS 9e with WileyPLUS offers instructors innovative new tools for engaging students. Through the use of a proven pedagogy that includes integrated reading activities, instructors are able to much more effectively monitor reading and progress, resulting in a higher level of engagement with the course content.

Success in physics is also based on . Working high quality problem sets is one of the best ways for students to learn physics. However, to get the greatest benefit from working students need immediate feedback and expert coaching. PHYSICS 9e with WileyPLUS offers an extensive and tested set of assessment questions and sophisticated wrong answer feedback.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction And Mathematical Concepts
Chapter 2 Kinematics In One Dimension
Chapter 3 Kinematics In Two Dimensions
Chapter 4 Forces And Newton’s Laws Of Motion
Chapter 5 Dynamics Of Uniform Circular Motion
Chapter 6 Work And Energy
Chapter 7 Impulse And Momentum
Chapter 8 Rotational Kinematics
Chapter 9 Rotational Dynamics
Chapter 10 Simple Harmonic Motion And Elasticity
Chapter 11 Fluids
Chapter 12 Temperature And Heat
Chapter 13 The Transfer Of Heat
Chapter 14 The Ideal Gas Law And Kinetic Theory
Chapter 15 Thermodynamics
Chapter 16 Waves And Sound
Chapter 17 The Principle Of Linear Superposition And Interference Phenomena
Chapter 18 Electric Forces And Electric Fields
Chapter 19 Electric Potential Energy And The Electric Potential
Chapter 20 Electric Circuits
Chapter 21 Magnetic Forces And Magnetic Fields
Chapter 22 Electromagnetic Induction
Chapter 23 Alternating Current Circuits
Chapter 24 Electromagnetic Waves
Chapter 25 The Reflection Of Light: Mirrors
Chapter 26 The Refraction Of Light: Lenses And Optical Instruments
Chapter 27 Interference And The Wave Nature Of Light
Chapter 28 Special Relativity
Chapter 29 Particles And Waves
Chapter 30 The Nature Of The Atom
Chapter 31 Nuclear Physics And Radioactivity
Chapter 32 Ionizing Radiation, Nuclear Energy, And Elementary Particles
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