Practical Electronic for Inventors – Paul Scherz – 1st Edition


Inventors in the field of are individuals who possess the , intuition, creativity, and technical know-how to turn their ideas into real-life electrical gadgets.

It is my hope that this will provide you with an intuitive understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of electronics in a way that fuels your creativity.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Electronics
CHAPTER 2 Theory
CHAPTER 3 Basic Electronic Circuit Components
CHAPTER 4 Semiconductors
CHAPTER 5 Optoelectronics
CHAPTER 6 Integrated Circuits
CHAPTER 7 Operational Amplifiers
CHAPTER 8 Filters
CHAPTER 9 Oscillators and Timers
CHAPTER 10 Voltage Regulators and Power Supplies
CHAPTER 11 Audio Electronics
CHAPTER 12 Digital Electronics
CHAPTER 13 DC Motors, RC Servos, and Stepper Motors
CHAPTER 14 Hands-on Electronics

APPENDIX A Power Distribution and Home Wiring
APPENDIX B Electronic Symbols
APPENDIX C Useful Facts and Formulas
APPENDIX D Finding Components
APPENDIX E A Note on Injection Molding and Patents
APPENDIX F History of Electronics Timeline
APPENDIX G Component Data, List of Logic ICs, Foreign Semiconductor Codes
APPENDIX H Analog/Digital Interfacing
APPENDIX J Memory Devices
APPENDIX K Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
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