Precalculus Essentials- Michael Sullivan – 7th Edition


For undergraduate courses in . The Seventh Edition of this dependable text retains its best features-accuracy, precision, depth, strong support, and abundant exercises, while substantially updating content and pedagogy. After completing the , will be prepared to handle the found in subsequent courses such as finite , mathematics, and engineering .

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Preliminaries
Chapter 2. Functions and their graphs
Chapter 3. Rational and polynomial functions
Chapter 4. Exponential and logarithmic functions
Chapter 5. Trigonometric Functions
Chapter 6. Graphs and Trigonometric Functions
Chapter 7. Analytical trigonometry
Chapter 8. Additional applications of trigonometry
Chapter 9. Analytical Geometry
Chapter 10. Systems of Equations and Inequalities
Chapter 11. Successions; Induction; Counting methods; Probability
Chapter 12. Miscellaneous topics

Appendix A Algebra Review
Appendix B. Graphing Devices

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