Precalculus: A Prelude to Calculus – Sheldon Axler – 1st Edition


: A Prelude to focuses exclusively on topics need to know in order to succeed in calculus. With plentiful explanations and examples to help students form ideas about the concepts, the text provides a self-contained preparation for calculus without adding unnecessary information and topics. An integrated ’s manual encourages students to actively reinforce their understanding of the material they have learned.

Table of Contents

0. The Real Numbers
1. Functions and Their Graphs
2. Linear, Quadratic, Polynomial, and Rational Functions
3. Exponents and Logarithms
4. Area, e, and the Natural Logarithm
5. Trigonometric Functions
6. Applications of Trigonometry
7. Sequences, Series, and Limits

Index of Definitions
Index of Boxed Items
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