Principles and Practice of Automatic Process Control – Carlos A. Smith, Armando B. Corripio – 2nd Edition


The presents all the necessary theory for the successful of automatic . The significance of the theory is explained at all times. Both introductory and advanced control strategies are presented and applied.

Table of Contents

Charpeter 1 Introduction
Charpeter 2 Mathematical Tools for control system
Charpeter 3 First-Order dynamic systems
Charpeter 4 Higher-Order dynamic system
Charpeter5 Basic Components of control systems
Charpeter6 Design of single-loop feedback control systems
Charpeter 7 Tuning of feedback controllers
Charpeter8 Root locus
Charpeter9 Frequency Response techniques
Charpeter10 Cascade control
Charpeter11 Override and selective control
Charpeter12 Ratio and feedforward control
Charpeter 13 Multivariable process control
Charpeter 14 Mathematical Tools for computer control system
Charpeter15 Design of computer control systems
Apendix A Instrumentation symbols and labels
Apendix B case studies
Apendix C Sensors, transmitters, and control valves
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