Principles of Electrical Engineering Materials and Devices – S. O. Kasap – 2nd Edition


“Principles of Electronic Materials and Devices”, Second Edition, is a greatly enhanced version of the highly successful text “Principles of Materials and Devices”. It is designed for a on electronic materials given in Electrical Engineering, Materials and Engineering, and Physics Departments at the undergraduate level.

The second edition has numerous revisions, additional sections such as “Phonons” and “Optoelectronic Materials and Devices”, more solved problems, and a completely new chapter on “Optical Properties of Materials”. The revisions have improved the rigour without sacrificing the original semiquantitative approach that the students liked. For example, the thermoelectric effect now includes the -Jones index (x) which is normally treated at the graduate level but has been introduced here through a semiquantitative discussion to explain the true sign of the Seebeck coefficient in (one of the most difficult graduate topics in quantum of metals). The problems have also been updated and various difficult figures have been redrafted to enhance the pedagogy.

The second edition includes the Electronic Materials and Devices CD-ROM. The CD includes colour overhead transparency diagrams that can be printed by instructors and students on any colour printer; an illustrated dictionary of electronic materials and devices; numerous selected topics and solved problems. The text with its ‘Selected Topics’ can also serve as a first course in aimed at electrical and engineering physics students. It is suitable for both one- and two-semester courses. By focusing only on those topics relevant to materials that make up electronic and optoelectronic devices, the book offers students a deeper and more meaningful discussion of this material than is offered in general materials science . The coverage is up-to-date and the are of special relevance to students of electronics, materials science and engineering physics. The solutions manual for the second edition is available from the publisher, the McGraw-Hill website and also from the author’s website.

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Table of Contents

1 Elementary Materials Science Concepts
2 Electrical and Thermal Conduction in Solids
3 Elementary Quantum Physics
4 Modern Theory of Solids
5 Semiconductors
6 Semiconductor Devices
7 Dielectric Materials and Insulation
8 Magnetic Properties and Superconductivity
9 Optical Properties of Materials
Appendix A: Bragg's Diffraction Law and X-Diffraction
Appendix B: Flux, Luminous Flux and the Brightness of Radiation
Appendix C: Major Symbols and Abbreviations
Appendix D: Elements to Uranium
Appendix E: Constants and Useful Information
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