Principles of Electronic Devices and Circuits – David E. Lalond – 1st Edition


Using a unique, highly visual approach, Principles of Devices and Circuits provides you with a practical, technical-oriented understanding of the of transistor theory and electronic analysis, without the need for a lot of formula memorization. This text is based on the basic DC / AC, showing that most new concepts can simplify the basic equations learned in DC / AC circuit analysis. The emphasis on critical thinking and and the fully correlated Laboratory Manual will help you acquire the knowledge and skills you need to analyze, solve and predict the operation of the transistor circuit.

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  • 1. Voltage dividers
    2. Thevenin´s theorem
    3. Superposition theorem
    4. Test equipment limitations
    5. The pn junction diode
    6. Rectifier forms
    7. Capacitor input filters
    8. Zener regulation of power supplies
    9. Voltage multipliers
    10. Signal clippers and clampers

    A. Composite equipment and materials list
    B. Data sheets
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