Principles of Physical Biochemistry – Kensal E. van Holde – 2nd Edition


The Second Edition of Principles of Physical provides the most current look at the theory and techniques used in the study of the chemistry of biological and biochemical molecules including discussion of mass spectrometry and single-molecule methods. Leading experts in biophysical chemistry these well-known authors offer unique insights and coverage not available elsewhere.Relevant and Applications, approximately 20% of which are new, help students develop critical-thinking skills that they can apply to real biochemical and biological situations facing professionals in the industry.

A new streamlined organization – Groups all hydrodynamic in Chapter 5 and combines Raman with the spectroscopy section.

A true teaching text, this includes exercises at the end of every chapter along with more expanded solutions to half of the exercises.

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Table of Contents

1: Biological Macromolecules
2: Thermodynamics and Biochemistry
3: Molecular Thermodynamics
4: Statistical Thermodynamics
5: Methods for the Separation and Characterization of Macromolecules
6: X-Ray Diffraction
7: Scattering From Solutions of Macromolecules
8: Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy
9: Absorption Spectroscopy
10: Linear and Circular Dichroism
11: Emission Spectroscopy
12: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
13: Macromolecules in Solution: Thermodynamics and Equilibria
14: Chemical Equilibria Involving Macromolecules
15: Mass Spectrometry of Macromolecules
16: Single-Molecule Methods
Solutions to Odd-Numbered Problems

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