Probability & Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences – Jay L. Devore – 8th Edition


This market-leading text provides a comprehensive introduction to probability and statistics for engineering students in all specialties. Proven, accurate, and lauded for its excellent examples, Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the evidences Jay Devore’s reputation as an outstanding author and leader in the academic community. Devore emphasizes concepts, models, methodology, and applications as opposed to rigorous development and derivations. Aided by his lively and realistic examples, students go beyond simply about statistics; they also learn how to put methods to use.

New Features

  • More than 40 new examples and 100 new were carefully researched and written using the most up-to-date real data.
  • Chapter 1, “Overview and Descriptive Statistics,” contains a new subsection, “The Scope of Modern Statistics,” which describes and exemplifies how statistics is used in modern disciplines.
  • A significantly revised and simplified Chapter 8, “Tests of Hypotheses Based on a Single Sample,” also has a new subsection entitled “More on Interpreting P-values.”
  • Wherever possible throughout the book, the language has been tightened and simplified to improve clarity.
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  • 1.Overview And Descriptive Statistics.
    2. Probability.
    3. Discrete Random Variables And Probability.
    4. Continuous Random Variables And Probability Distributions.
    5. Joint Probability Distributions And Random Samples.
    6. Point Estimation.
    7. Statistical Intervals Based On A Single Sample.
    8. Tests Of Hypotheses Based On A Single Sample.
    9. Inferences Based On Two Samples.
    10. The Analysis Of Variance.
    11. Multifactor Analysis Of Variance.
    12. Simple Linear Regression And Correlation.
    13. Nonlinear And Multiple Regression.
    14. Goodness-Of-Fit Tests And Categorical Data Analysis.
    15. Distribution-Free Procedures
    16. Quality Control Methods.
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