Probability and Statistics For Engineers and Scientists – Ronald E. Walpole – 8th Edition


With its unique balance of theory and methodology, this classic text provides a rigorous introduction to basic theory and statistical inference, motivated by interesting, relevant applications. Offers extensively updated coverage, new problem sets, and chapter-ending material to enhance the book’s relevance to today’s . Includes new problem sets demonstrating updated applications to engineering as well as , , and computer science.

Emphasizes key ideas as well as the risks and hazards associated with practical application of the material. Includes new material on topics including: difference between discrete and continuous measurements; binary data; quartiles; importance of experimental ; “dummy” variables; rules for expectations and variances of linear functions; Poisson distribution; Weibull and lognormal ; central limit theorem, and data plotting. Introduces Bayesian statistics, including its applications to many .

For those interested in learning more about probability and statistics.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to statistics and data analysis
2. Probability
3. Random Variables and Probability Distributions
4. Mathematical Hope
5. Some Discrete Probability Distributions
6. Some continuous probability distributions
7. Random Variable Functions
8. Key sampling distributions and data descriptions
9. One and two sample estimation problems
10. One and two sample hypothesis tests
11. Simple linear regression and correlation
12. Multiple linear regression and certain nonlinear regression models
13. One-factor experiments: general
14. Factorial experiments (two or more factors)
15. Factories 2k and fractions
16. Non-parametric statistics
17. Statistical quality control
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