Problems and Solutions in Mechanical Engineering – U. K. Singh – 1st Edition


The present is mainly meant for the of first year – all branches of U.P. Technical . This book is in the form of and Answers. However, there is no need of any textbook from the concept point of view.

This book gives you all the concepts step by step in the form of Theoretical Questions and then numericals based on theory. At the end of chapters, some tutorial sheets are given for . Lab manuals are also given at the end of book.

Table of Contents

  1. Important Conversion Formulas

  2. Fundamental Concepts, Definitions and Zeroth Law

  3. First Law Of Thermodynamics

  4. Second Law Of Thermodynamics

  5. Introduction To I.C Engine

  6. Properties Of Steam and Thermodynamic Cycle

  7. Concurrent Force System

  8. Non current Force System

  9. Force Support Reaction

  10. Friction

  11. Application Of Friction

  12. Laws Of Motion

  13. Beam

  14. Truss

  15. Simple Stress and Strain

  16. Compound Stress and Strain

  17. Pure Bending Of Beam

  18. Torsion

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