Process Control Instrumentation Technology – Curtis D. Johnson – 8th Edition


This book gives readers an understanding and appreciation of some of the theories behind system elements and operations–without advanced math or calculus. It also presents some of the practical details of how elements of a control system are designed and operated–without the benefit of on-the-job experience.

Chapter topics include control; analog and digital signal conditioning; thermal, mechanical, and optical sensors; controller principles; and loop characteristics. For those in the who will need to the elements of a system from a practical, working perspective, and comprehend how these elements affect overall system operation and tuning.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Process Control.
2. Analog Signal Conditioning.
3. Digital Signal Conditioning.
4. Thermal Sensors.
5. Mechanical Sensors.
6. Optical Sensors.
7. Final Control.
8. Discrete-State Process Control.
9. Controller Principles.
10. Analog Controllers.
11. Digital Control.
12. Control Loop Characteristics.

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