Process System Analysis and Control – Donald R. Coughanowr – 2nd Edition


Process Analysis And provides a bridge between the traditional view of process control and current and extended role by blending traditional issues with a broader perspective of the more integrated operation of process, control, and of information.
Being the most sold text in the and Control of Processes, has had a review in depth; the new edition includes features of digital computer use in problem solving.

The volume also contains seventeen fundamental chapters. New at the end of each chapter, and new examples have been added throughout the text. A thorough revision of the best-selling text on Process Dynamics and Control, the new edition features inclusion of the use of the digital computer in problem solving. The volume also contains seventeen chapters. New end-of-chapter problems and examples have been added. PC-based software by Tutsim Products is packaged with the .

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introductory Concepts 

Part 1 Modeling for Process Dynamics
Chapter 2 Modeling Tools for Process Dynamics
Chapter 3 Inversion by Partial Fractions

Part 2 Linear Open-Loop Systems
Chapter 4 Response of First-Order Systems
Chapter 5 Physical Examples of First-Order Systems
Chapter 6 Response of First-Order Systems in Series
Chapter 7 Higher-Order Systems: Second-Order and Transportation Lag

Part 3 Linear Closed-Loop Systems
Chapter 8 The Control System
Chapter 9 Controllers and Final Control Elements
Chapter 10 Block Diagram of a Chemical-Reactor Control System
Chapter 11 Closed-Loop Transfer Functions
Chapter 12 Transient Response of Simple Control Systems
Chapter 13 Stability
Chapter 14 Root Locus

Part 4 Frequency Response
Chapter 15 Introduction to Frequency Response
Chapter 16 Control System Design by Frequency Response

Part 5 Process Applications
Chapter 17 Advanced Control Strategies
Chapter 18 Controller Tuning and Process Identification
Chapter 19 Control Valves
Chapter 20 Theoretical Analysis of Complex Processes

Part 6 State-Space Methods
Chapter 21 State-Space Representation of Physical Systems
Chapter 22 Transfer Function Matrix
Chapter 23 Multivariable Control

Part 7 Nonlinear Control
Chapter 24 Examples of Nonlinear Systems
Chapter 25 Examples of Phase-Plane Analysis

Part 8 Computers in Process Control
Chapter 26 Microprocessor-Based Controllers and Distributed Control
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