Programming in C++ for Engineering and Science – Larry Nyhoff – 1st Edition


Developed from the author’s many years of computer courses, C ++ Programming for Engineering and guides in designing programs to solve real in engineering and scientific applications. These problems include radioactive decay, pollution rates, digital circuits, equations, the addition of the Internet.

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Table of Contents

*Introduction to Computing
*Programming and Problem Solving¿Software Engineering
*Types in C++
*Getting Started with Expressions
*Control Structures
*Functions and Libraries
*Using Classes
*More Selection Control Structures
*More Repetition Control Structures
*Functions in Depth
*Files and Streams
*Arrays and the vector Class Template
*Multidimensional Arrays and Vectors
*Building Classes
*Pointers and Linked Structures
*Data Structures

*Answers to Test Yourself Questions
*Appendix A: ASCII Character Codes
*Appendix B: C++ Keywords
*Appendix C: C++ Operators
*Appendix D: Other C++ Features

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