Programming in C++ for Engineering and Science – Larry Nyhoff – 1st Edition


Developed from the author’s many years of computer courses, C ++ Programming for Engineering and Science guides in designing programs to solve real in engineering and scientific applications. These problems include radioactive decay, pollution rates, , , the addition of the Internet.

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Table of Contents

*Introduction to Computing
*Programming and Problem Solving¿Software Engineering
*Types in C++
*Getting Started with Expressions
*Control Structures
*Functions and Libraries
*Using Classes
*More Selection Control Structures
*More Repetition Control Structures
*Functions in Depth
*Files and Streams
*Arrays and the vector Class Template
*Multidimensional Arrays and Vectors
*Building Classes
*Pointers and Linked Structures
*Data Structures

*Answers to Test Yourself Questions
*Appendix A: ASCII Character Codes
*Appendix B: C++ Keywords
*Appendix C: C++ Operators
*Appendix D: Other C++ Features
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