Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) – Project Management Institute Inc. – 5th Edition


A Guide to the Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)—Fifth Edition is the preeminent global standard for project management. It provides project professionals with the fundamental practices needed to achieve organizational results and excellence in the of project management.

Like previous editions, this standard presents generally recognized good practices and reflects continually evolving knowledge.

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Table of Contents

The Project Management Framework
1.1 Purpose of the PMBOK GUIDE
1.2 What is a Project?
1.3 What is Project Management?
1.4 The PMBOK GUIDE Structure
1.5 Areas of Expertise
1.6 Project Management Context

Project Life Cycle and Organization
2.1 The Project Life Cycle
2.2 Project Stakeholders
2.3 Organizational Influences

The Standard for Project Management of a Project
Project Management Processes for a Project
3.1 Project Management Processes
3.2 Project management Process Groups
3.3 Process Interactions
3.4 Project Management Process Mapping

The Project Management Knowledge Areas
Process Flow Diagrams
Major Project Documents
Project Integration Management
4.1 Develop Project Charter
4.2 Develop Preliminary Project Scope Statement
4.3 Develop Project Management Plan
4.4 Direct and Manage Project Execution
4.5 Monitor and Control Project Work
4.6 Integrated Change Control
4.7 Close Project

Project Scope Management
5.1 Scope Planning
5.2 Scope Definition
5.3 Create WBS
5.4 Scope Verification
5.5 Scope Control

Project Time Management
6.1 Activity Definition
6.2 Activity Sequencing
6.3 Activity Resource Estimating
6.4 Activity Duration Estimating
6.5 Schedule Development
6.6 Schedule Control

Project Cost Management
7.1 Cost Estimating
7.2 Cost Budgeting
7.3 Cost Control

Project Quality Management
8.1 Quality Planning
8.2 Perform Quality Assurance
8.3 Perform Quality Control

Project Human Resource Management
9.1 Human Resource Planning
9.2 Acquire Project Team
9.3 Develop Project Team
9.4 Manage Project Team

Project Communications Management
10.1 Communications Planning
10.2 Information Distribution
10.3 Performance Reporting
10.4 Manage Stakeholders

Project Risk Management
11.1 Risk Management Planning
11.2 Risk Identification
11.3 Qualitative Risk Analysis
11.4 Quantitative Risk Analysis
11.5 Risk Response Planning
11.6 Risk Monitoring and Control

Project Procurement Management
12.1 Plan Purchases and Acquisitions
12.2 Plan Contracting
12.3 Request Seller Responses
12.4 Select Sellers
12.5 Contract Administration
12.6 Contract Closure

Third Edition Changes
Evolution of PMI's A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge
Contributors and Reviewers of PMBOK Guide - Third Edition
Application Area Extensions
Additional Sources of Information on Project Management
Summary of Project Management Knowledge Areas
Glossary and Index

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