Public Finance – Harvey S. Rosen – 7th Edition


S. Rosen introduces readers to the latest research in Public Finance. With highlights from the Bush administration, updates to tax laws, and discussions of up-to-date examples, Rosen’s approach encompasses important revisions to the Seventh Edition, with current changes to government policy.”

Additional revisions to the Seventh Edition include new discussions regarding estate, , corporate, and personal income taxes, savings issues, and corporate scandals. Principles, problems, and policies of federal taxation, expenditures, debt, budgeting, and fiscal policy. Examines potential role of government fiscal policy in a market . Includes some review of economic theory, benefit-cost , revenues, expenditures, fiscal federalism and the impact of implementing fiscal policy.

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Table of Contents

Part 1 Getting Started
1. Introduction
2. Tools of Positive Analysis
3. Tools of Normative Analysis

Part 2 Analysis of Public Expenditure
4. Public Goods
5. Externalities
6. Political Economy
7. Income Redistribution, Conceptual Issues
8. Expenditure Programs for the Poor
9. Social Insurance I: Social Security and Unemployment Insurance
10. Social Insurance II
11. Cost-Benefit Analysis

Part 3 A Framework for Tax Analysis
12. Taxation and Income Distribution
13. Taxation and Efficiency
14. Efficient and Equitable Taxation

Part 4 The United States Revenue System
15. The Personal Income Tax
16. Personal Taxation and Behavior
17. The Corporation Tax
18. Deficit Finance
19. Taxes on Consumption and Wealth

Part 5 Multigovernment Public Finance
20. Public Finance in a Federal System
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