Quantitative Chemical Analysis – Daniel C. Harris – 7th Edition


Dan Harris’s Quantitative Analysis continues to be the most widely used for . It offers consistently modern portrait of the and techniques of chemical analysis, incorporating real data, spreadsheets, and a wealth of , all presented in a witty, personable style that engages without compromising the principles and depth necessary for a thorough and practical understanding.

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Table of Contents

0 The Analytical Process
1 Measurements
2 Tools of the Trade
3 Experimental Error
4 Statistics
5 Quality Assurance and Calibration Methods
6 Chemical Equilibrium
7 Let the Titrations Begin
8 Activity and the Systematic Treatment of Equilibrium
9 Monoprotic Acid-Base Equilibria of Spectrophotometry
10 Polyprotic Acid-Base Equilibria
11 Acid-Base Titrations Equilibrium of Spectrophotometry Chromatography
12 EDTA Titrations
13 Advanced Topics in
14 Fundamentals of Electrochemistry
15 Electrodes and potentiometry
16 Redox Titrations
17 Electroanalytical Techniques
18 Fundamentals
19 Applications
20 Spectrophotometers
21 Atomic Spectroscopy
22 Mass Spectrometry
23 Introduction to Analytical Separations
24 Gas Chromatography
25 High-Performance Liquid
26 Chromatographic Methods and Capillary Electrophoresis
27 Gravimetric and Combustion Analysis
28 Sample Preparation Notes and References
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