Quantum Mechanics Vol. 1 – Claude Cohen-Tannoudji – 1st Edition


This didactically unrivalled and timeless by Nobel Prize Laureate Claude Cohen-Tannoudji separates essential underlying principles of quantum mechanics from specific applications and practical examples and deals with each of them in a different section. Chapters emphasize principles; complementary sections applications.

The provides a qualitative introduction to quantum ideas; a systematic, complete and elaborate presentation of all the mathematical tools and postulates needed, including a discussion of their content and applications.

The is recommended on a regular basis by lecturers of undergraduate courses.

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    1. Waves and Particles.

    2. Introduction to the Fundamental Concepts of Quantum Mechanics.

    3. The Mathematical Tools of Quantum Mechanics.

    4. The Postulates of Quantum Mechanics.

    5. Application of the Postulates to Simple Cases: Two Level Systems and Spin 1/2 Systems.

    6. The One Dimensional Harmonic Oscillator.

    7. General Properties of Angular Momentum in Quantum Mechanics.

    8. Particles in a Central Potential.

    9. The Hydrogen Atom.

    10. An Elementary Approach to the Quantum Theory of Scattering by a Potential Electron Spin.

    11. Addition of Angular Momenta.

    12. Stationary Perturbation Theory.

    13. An Application of Perturbation Theory.

    14. The Fine and Hyperfine Structure of the Hydrogen Atom.

    15. Approximation Methods for Time-Dependent Problems.

    16. Systems of Identical Particles.


    Fourier Series and the Fourier Transform.
    The Dirac "Function.
    The Lagrangian and Hamiltonian in Classical Mechanics.
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