Quantum Physics – Stephen Gasiorowicz – 3rd Edition


Gasiorowicz is a first-class researcher in quantum , and in this work he presents the concepts and theory of , since the publication of the first edition, more than 35 years ago, quantum physics has been one of the standard texts of quantum mechanics for undergraduate physics .

It stands out for the clear and concise presentation of concepts, and a balance between theory and . In this third edition, the author has made changes based on the feeding of numerous teachers and students, to improve the strengths of the .

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Emergence of Quantum Physics
Chapter 2: Wave-Particle Duality, Probability and the Schrodinger Equation
Chapter 3: Eigenvalues, Eigenfunctions and the Expansion Postulate
Chapter 4: One Dimensional Potentials
Chapter 5: The General Structure of Wave Mechanics
Chapter 6: Operator Methods in Quantum Mechanics
Chapter 7: Angular Momentum
Chapter 8: The Schrodinger Equation in Three Dimensions and the Hydrogen Atom
Chapter 9: Matrix Representation of Operators
Chapter 10: Spin
Chapter 11: Time-Independent Perturbation Theory
Chapter 12: The Real Hydrogen Atom
Chapter 13: Many-Particle Systems
Chapter 14: About Atoms and Molecules
Chapter 15: Time Dependent Perturbation Theory
Chapter 16: The Interaction of Charged Particles with the Electromagnetic Field
Chapter 17: Radiative Decays
Chapter 18: Selected Topics on Radiation
Chapter 19: Collision Theory
Chapter 20: Entanglement and Its Implications
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