Reference Book on Chemical Engineering V. I – D. Sen – 1st Edition


A Chemical needs to know not only the im~ide changes in a Production Process viz. Chemical, Physical, Thermochemical, Thermodynamics and Kinetics, but also he has to know the basics of other engineering disciplines as well as currentdevelopments.During my long service period in Production, Process and Projects, I found most of these information are available at different sources and is not always possible to acquire these infonnation always. ‘Ib meet these gaps, I have given as much information as possible in Volume I and Volume II of this book on various processes, data tables, some unit operations etc. usuany required by Professional Chemical and Chemical Engg. students. In addition, a chapter on Glossary of Terms has a]so been provided for refreshing the essential information un and other topics.

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Table of Contents

Heat Transfer
Pulp and Paper
Chlor Alkali Industry
Cellulosic Fibres Rayon
Selected Process Equipment Design
Petroleum Refinery
Active Carbon
Electroplating Process
Cooling Towers
Paints and Painting
Biogas Plant Domestic Use
Phenols for Disinfection
Ferrous Alloys
High Carbon Charge Chrome
Coal Tar Chemicals
Refractory Bricks
Explosives and Detonators
Water Treatment
Metal Cleaning Process
Manganese Dioxide
Wind Turbine for Power Generation
Centrifugal Pumps
Industrial and Town Gases
LNG Production
Products Manufactured from Benzene Ethyl Benzene Ethylene Ethylene Oxide Ethanol and Others
Synthetic Iron Oxide Pigment
Dyes Intermediates and Dyeing
Flourescent or Optical Whitening Agent FWA
24A Flame Retardants Halons Fire AlarmsHydrants and Rubber and Expanded Plastics
24B Float Glass Carbon Black Electrophoresis Dry Ice and Technological Development in Iron and Steel Industry and Electrolytic Chlorinator
Ceramic Colouring Materials
Phosphoric Acid
Characteristics of Valves Used in Chemical Process Industry
Boiler Feed Pumps and Standard Values for Boiler Feed and Circulating Water
Crystallizer Classification
Brief on Offshore Oil Exploration and Transportation Pipeline
Insecticide or Pesticide
Critical Path Method CPM
Glasses and Textile Glass Fibres
Environment and Pollution Air and Water
Vegetable Oil Refining
Polyethylene Terephthalate Resin Bottle Grade
Process Evaluation of a Chemical Plant
Detail Project Cost Estimation
Types of Contract
Project Financial Management
ISO9000 Series Quality Assurance System
Conversion Factors

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