Relativistic Quantum Chemistry – Markus Reiher, Alexander Wolf – 1st Edition


Written by two researchers in the field, this is a to explain the principles and in a self-contained, complete and consistent way. Much attention is paid to the didactical value, with the chapters interconnected and based on each other.From beginning to end, the authors deduce all the concepts and rules, such that readers are able to understand the fundamentals and principles behind the theory. Essential for theoretical chemists and physicists.

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  • Fundamentals
    Relativistic Theory of a Free Electron: Dirac´s Equation
    Dirac Theory of a Single Electron in a Central Potential
    Many-Electron Theory I: Quantum Electrodynamics
    Many-Electron Theory II: Dirac-Hartree-Fock Theory
    Elimination of the Small Component
    Unitary Transformation Schemes
    Relativistic Density Functional Theory
    Physical Observables and Molecular Properties
    Interpretive Approach to Relativistic Quantum Chemistry
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