Rocket Propulsion Elements – George P. Sutton, Oscar Biblarz – 9th Edition


The recent upsurge in global government and private spending and in space flight events has resulted in many novel applications of rocket technology. Rocket Propulsion Elements remains the definitive guide to the field, providing a comprehensive introduction to essential concepts and applications. Led by veteran George P. Sutton and by Professor Oscar Biblarz, this provides interdisciplinary coverage including thermodynamics, aerodynamics, flight performance, propellant chemistry and more.

This thoroughly revised ninth edition includes discussion and analysis of recent advances in the field, representing an authoritative reference for students and working engineers alike. In any engineering field, theory is only as useful as it is practical; this emphasizes relevant real-world applications of fundamental concepts to link “thinking” and “doing”. This book will help readers:

– Understand the of flight and the chemistry of
Analyze liquid, solid, gas, and hybrid propellants, and the engines they fuel
– Consider high-temperature combustion, stability, and the principles of and chemical
– Dissect the workings of systems in common use around the world today
– Delve into the latest advances in materials, systems, propellants, and more

Broad in scope, rich in detail, and clear in explanation, this seminal work provides an unparalleled foundation in aerospace engineering topics. through the lens of modern applications untangles complex topics and helps students fully grasp the intricacies on a more intuitive level. Rocket Elements, Ninth Edition merges information and utility building a solid foundation for innovation.

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    1. Classification
    2. Definitions and Fundamentals
    3. Nozzle Theory and Thermodynamic Relations
    4. Flight Performance
    5. Chemical Rocket Propellant Performance Analysis
    6. Liquid Propellant Rocket Engine Fundamentals
    7. Liquid Propellants
    8. Thrust Chambers
    9. Liquid Propellant Combustion and Its Stability
    10. Turbopumps and Their Gas Supplies
    11. Engine Systems, Controls, and Integration
    12. Solid Propellant Rocket Motor Fundamentals
    13. Solid Propellants
    14. Solid Propellant Combustion and Its Stability
    15. Solid Rocket Motor Components and Design
    16. Hybrid Propellants Rocket Propulsion
    17. Electric Propulsion
    18. Thrust Vector Control
    19. Selection of Rocket Propulsion Systems
    20. Rocket Exhaust Plumes
    21. Rocket Testing
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