Scientific Computing with MATLAB and Octave – A. Quarteroni – 2nd Edition


This is an introduction to Scientific Computing, in which several for the computer of certain classes of mathematical are illustrated. The authors show how to compute the zeros or the integrals of continuous functions, solve linear , approximate functions by polynomials and construct accurate approximations for the solution of ordinary and partial equations.

To make the presentation concrete and appealing, the programming environments Matlab and Octave are adopted as faithful companions. The contains the solution to several problems posed in exercises and examples, often originating from important applications. At the end of each chapter, specific section is devoted to subjects which were not addressed in the book and contains the bibliographical references for a more comprehensive treatment of the material.

Table of Contents

1. What can' t be ignored.
2. Nonlinear equations.
3. Approximation of functions and data.
4. Numerical differentiation and integration.
5. Linear systems.
6. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors.
7. Ordinary differential equations.
8. Numerical approximation of boundary-value problems.
9. Solutions of the exercises.
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